Tips On Having A Green Funeral


If your loved one that passed away was concerned about the environment and lived a green life, you can also make their funeral green. There are different ways you can do this, such as using a green casket, tell your family members and friends to not send flowers, and having a direct burial.

Direct Burial

If you choose to use direct burial, the funeral company will not use any chemicals on the body, such as embalming fluid. Many people choose not to have a viewing of the body, or any type of funeral or graveside service with this type of burial. If you want this, however, the funeral home will likely refrigerate the body to preserve it until the time of burial. They can only refrigerate it for a few days, however. If you have to purchase a temporary casket, you can choose a very inexpensive one. Some funeral homes may offer this for free.

Once the burial site is ready, the body is laid in a biodegradable container, which is typically made from bamboo, sea grass, or willow. The container is lowered into the grave, and then covered with the soil. Over time, the container, as well as the body, will decompose into the earth.

In Lieu Of Flowers

Instead of having people send flowers to the funeral home, tell them donate money to a charity instead. For example, if your loved one died from heart disease, they could send money to the Heart Association. You will need to let everyone know this before you have the funeral.

Plant a Tree

Trees are good for the environment, as they provide people with wood to be used for many things. Plant a tree in your yard, or in another location. Put a memorial on the tree dedicating it to your loved one.


Tell people to carpool to the grave site instead of everyone going in one car. While the cars are running, carbon dioxide is released in the air, which is bad for the environment. Gasoline is a nonrenewable energy source, and the less it is used the better it is for the environment.

Choosing a green funeral is usually less expensive than a traditional funeral, as you do not have to purchase an expensive casket, as well as pay for embalming, etc. You may also want to ask the funeral director if they are Eco-friendly. For example, they may recycle products they use every day.

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27 January 2015

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