Two Ways To Entice Youth To Get More Excited About Church Sermons

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You plan your sermon every week and hope that every soul in the church is alert, listening, and willing to communicate about the messages you deliver. However, no matter how much planning you do, it can be almost impossible to get the youngest members of the church to take heart, hold interest, and be willing to learn. The truth is, people young in faith often have a hard time being interested in a sermon delivered by either a preacher or church leader. However, there are things you can do to help gain their focus, attract their attention, and keep them excited about learning the teachings of your religion.

Make paying attention during the sermon rewarding.

It may sound like a cop-out, but sometimes all it takes to get youngsters to listen during a sermon is a reward for them to do so on more than just a spiritual level. Hand out simple sermon worksheets before the sermon that are filled with short quiz questions about the day's message. For example, if you will be leading church sermons on the book of Matthew from the Christian Bible, one question could be: What is one parable discussed that Jesus gave?

The catch with giving out these worksheets will be that whoever has the most correct answers would get a prize. This may seem like a tricky way to get the kids in the group to pay attention, but they will also be learning during the process of listening and then recording their answers in an effort to win something.

Allow the youth members to provide their own passages they want discussed.

Before a sermon begins, give the youth members in the group a piece of paper where they can jot down a question they have or something they would like to know more about. Pick up the pieces of paper and quietly assess them a few minutes before you get started, and refer to them throughout your sermon. Integrate these ideas into the day's sermon as best as you can.

Of course, in order to do this effectively, you would need to let the youth members know what the sermon is about or what section of the bible you will be talking about. However, this can really help the young people get involved and stay attentive to what is being said because they will be listening for their own ideas in the sermon.


4 June 2018

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