How To Host A Fun And Engaging Youth Conference Online

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One of the great things about going to a youth conference is the fun of participating in workshops, worshiping with live music, and making new friends. However, with the Covid-19 pandemic, many churches and organizations find it necessary to cancel in-person youth conferences for safety reasons. Thankfully, with the great technology available today, you can host a fantastic youth conference online that is fun, engaging, and safe.

Plan your event

Start by determining how much you can afford to spend. While hosting an online youth conference will not require money for food or lodging, you should plan to invest in some fun extras for your attendees. Some things you may want to offer are conference tee shirts, posters, or insulated bottles or mugs.

Pick a theme, title, or slogan for your event. This can be printed on any merchandise you wish to sell prior to and throughout the event. You may want to use a print-on-demand service so you will not end up with a bunch of unsold merchandise.

Choose a date and contact the speakers and musicians you want to be a part of your youth conference. It is best to have multiple speakers to cover a variety of topics. Teaching sessions are best kept short to hold the attention of your attendees.

Enlist the help of youth

Establish a youth conference planning committee by choosing several teens to work with you in developing the conference. Ask them for ideas and input into what today's youth are excited about. Having the input from youth will help you plan a conference that is youth-friendly and will focus on specific issues youth may be dealing with.

Promote your event

You should begin promoting your event several months ahead. This will allow youth time to share the event on their social media platforms and invite others to join in. Getting youth excited about an upcoming conference is part of the fun.  

Your youth planning committee can hang posters in local churches to promote the event. They can share the news with their friends in school. Seeing their excitement about the event is sure to get other youth excited and onboard.

Now more than ever, youth need to be encouraged and inspired. Being in the midst of a pandemic does not mean you cannot host a fantastic youth conference in a safe environment. With a little help from the youth and the right planning and promotion, your event is sure to be a great success.


8 October 2020

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