3 Good Reasons Churches Should Continue Virtual Worship Services

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, Christian church virtual worship became a necessity for those who could not attend church in person but who still wanted to hear a sermon, sing hymns, and gather with others. As things slowly open back up again, many Christians can start attending church as they once used to. Even though church is getting back to normal, however, many churchgoers are still hoping their church provides a virtual worship option. This is because they have found there can be times it's more convenient to attend church virtually rather than in person.

Here are three good reasons churches should continue virtual worship services.

1. Sick People Should Not Attend Church

Some people may have the idea that even when they have a slight cold or another virus, this shouldn't stop them from attending church. However, attending church when you have certain symptoms is not a good idea.

If you have certain symptoms, it could mean you have a viral infection and should not be in close quarters with others. Common symptoms of a viral infection include sore throat, cough, fever, slight body aches, and congestion. Virtual worship is a great option for anyone who wishes to go to church but has these symptoms.

2. There Are Many People Who Can't Attend Church In-Person

Some people have disabilities or medical conditions that make it hard for them to leave their homes. People with underlying medical conditions may also have to be extra careful about going out because it would be detrimental to their health if they became ill.

People with compromised immune systems may be forced to stay home during influenza season and other times when viruses are going around in their community. Other people who might not be able to attend church in person are those who don't have access to transportation. For those who can't attend church in-person, virtual worship services make it possible for them to still take part.

3. Some People Have Scheduling Conflicts

Although attending church should be a priority in a Christian's life, there are times when a scheduling conflict doesn't allow them to be there in person. Parents who have kids in extracurricular activities might have special tournaments or out-of-town games that prevent them from attending church in person.

Other people travel for work on a regular basis or there are times they are on vacation. In these instances, being able to watch an online virtual worship service would mean they could still take part in church when there are scheduling conflicts or they are away from home.

Reach out to a local religious leader to learn more about Christian church virtual worship.


15 March 2021

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