Kids And Faith: How To Teach Your Children To Be Seekers Of Christ

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For Christian parents, there is nothing more important than instilling their Christian values into the lives of their kids. However, with all the distractions from social media and video games vying for the attention of kids, keeping kids interested in matters of faith is no easy task. Following a few tips will help you teach your children to be seekers of Christ and instill the Christian values in them that will help them live out their faith as they grow into adulthood and beyond. 

Be their example

It is no secret that children learn a variety of things by watching the people around them, especially their parents. In fact, you may notice your small child picking up things you say or wanting to help you with household chores. The same is true of Christian disciplines.

Does your child see you placing a priority on learning more about Christ and following his ways? Does your child see you in prayer and reading the Bible? Being a seeker of Christ, yourself is the first step to teaching your children the importance of being a seeker of Christ and will help you grow in your faith while you set an example for them. 

Attend church consistently

Make church attendance a priority in your home. Taking your child to church and having them participate in Sunday school classes will help them to learn about following Christ through fun Bible stories they are sure to remember. Making going to church nonnegotiable will show your children you place importance on being a seeker of Christ.

Establish a family devotional time

A regular family devotional time is something that will make a big difference in helping your children to be seekers of Christ. Setting aside a short period of time prior to bedtime or following the evening meal for Bible reading and praying with your children will help instill important values in them. Encourage your children to read scriptures and ask them to lead the prayer to keep them engaged and interested.

If you are a Christian parent, you feel proud when you see your child taking steps to grow in their faith. You know the importance of a solid faith relationship with Christ, and you want your child to experience the same values you hold dear. Leading your children to be seekers of Christ is the first step in helping them achieve a life of faith values that will strengthen them for the challenges life brings.

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7 November 2022

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