Getting Started With A Yoga Routine

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If you are interested in a great way to incorporate stretching and relaxation into your daily activities, you may have thought about trying yoga. Beginning a yoga routine on your own is not that difficult to do if you have a little knowledge of the moves you need to do and a quiet place to do them without distraction. Here are some tips to use when starting your own yoga routine.

Create A Comfortable Area

Doing yoga requires an area where you will feel totally relaxed. Many people opt to do yoga outdoors either in the early morning or late evening when there are no neighbors making sounds nearby. If you decide to do yoga in your home, pick a room without a telephone so you are not tempted to stop your routine to answer it. Don't exercise near a high-traffic area, such as in a room next to bathroom where people are walking back and forth. Even better, exercise when no one else is at home. Keep pets out of the room so you are able to concentrate on your breathing and movements without incident.

Get Dressed And Grab Props

There is no dress code to do yoga, but you may feel more comfortable wearing loose clothing. Some people like to do yoga completely nude, as this allows them to feel the movements without restrictive clothing getting in the way. Place a yoga mat or a soft blanket or towel on the floor or ground so you will be able to do sitting and lying down moves without injury or discomfort.

Find Some Help

To do yoga, beginners often need a jump-start in learning new moves. Listen to a yoga podcast on your radio or computer to help direct you in doing the moves correctly. Podcasts offer scheduled yoga sessions you can work your own schedule around, helping you avoid procrastination in fitting in your exercise routine. They will help keep you dedicated to the program once you become accustomed to the format used. Join a few yoga forums online to discuss moves with other people doing yoga on their own to help give you more ideas you can blend into your routine.

Know The Basics

Be aware that a yoga routine requires a warm-up and cool-down just as you would do in any other exercise routine. Make sure you allot enough time to get your heart rate pumping for a bit before you slow back down, for the best results. After you warm up, you will do several stretches and poses. Knowing a few of the main ones before you listen to your podcast or watch a yoga DVD is beneficial in keeping you moving without trying to figure out positioning. Here are a few of the popular poses:

  • Mountain Pose - Evenly distribute your weight while standing with your feet hip-length apart. Breathing slowly, reach your arms out in front of you and then reach them up toward the sky. Release and put your arms back at your sides. This move improves posture and gives you mental clarity, preparing yourself for the following moves.
  • Downward Facing Dog Pose - Reach your arms in front of you and bend down, placing your palms on the ground. Spread your finger tips and stretch the backs of your legs while keeping your feet flat on the ground. This stretches the hamstrings and calf muscles while allowing circulation throughout your body.
  • Child's Pose - Sit in an upright position. Roll your torso forward so you are resting on your knees while extending your arms out in front of you. Place your forehead on the ground and hold the stretch for several seconds. This pose stretches the hips and thighs.


18 June 2015

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