Why Must People Suffer? A Christian Perspective

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Wouldn't it be nice if life were easier? People are sometimes asked to go through such hard things. What is it all for? Most Christian denominations believe that going through hard things and suffering has a purpose in this life. Otherwise, why would God let His children struggle? In an effort to help you through a challenging time, read on to gain some perspective about why people struggle in life. 

To Come Closer To God

Sometimes people go through things that they cannot handle on their own. Fortunately, you have a strong, caring Heavenly Father who you can turn to for strength and comfort in difficult times. Even Jesus Christ went through betrayal and death. When you suffer you actually have a rare and sacred opportunity to come closer to God since He knows what it feels like to suffer. While most people spend time trying to escape painful experiences, you may come closer to God through them. 

To Learn Empathy

Have you ever been through a painful experience such as a miscarriage or the death of a loved one, and then found that you have much more empathy for other people in your life who have been through a similar experience? God loves it when people care for one another. Unfortunately, there are only a few ways to learn empathy. In an effort to give you the ability to understand, God sometimes allows His children to go through hard times. 


Along with empathy and coming closer to God comes a sense of refinement. Refining a person's character is similar to chiseling unwanted rock out of a sculpture in progress. Most Christian religions believe that God has a plan for each of His children, meaning that there is a person that He wants you to become. Sometimes people have to go through hard times in order to get closer to becoming the best version of themselves.

In conclusion, if you are struggling to understand why you may be called to go through a challenging time in your life, you could reflect on how you have come to know God more throughout it. Maybe you have come closer to the people in your life, or perhaps you have seen the goodness of God through strangers. Such reflection can help you to find meaning and purpose in something that may be hard to go through, potentially giving you enough strength to keep going. For more information, talk to a local pastor, preacher, or bishop about Christian beliefs on suffering in the world


27 May 2021

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