What To Know About Engaging In Bible Study

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Learning as much as you can about the faith that you choose to practice is part of life that can make a huge difference. Your faith will stand as a pillar and foundation in your life that you can build on. Whether you need insight into taking leaps of faith on new business endeavors, tips to help you with marriage and parenting, or just need a good word of encouragement, the Bible is filled with all sorts of anecdotes and pearls of wisdom that can be helpful. In this article, you'll learn more about diving into Bible study in earnest.

What are you hoping to learn and get from your Bible study?

Before anything else, you need to figure out what you're hoping to get from Bible study. The benefits of Bible study extend beyond simply reading and learning the material. You will need to live with the scripture and apply it to your everyday life. Journaling is one of the best activities you can follow that will accompany your Bible study. By getting the chance to write and reflect on everything that you read, the text comes to life and allows you to apply it however it makes sense for you. On a general level, journaling also has plenty of health benefits, such as less stress, a bolstered immune system, and improvements in mood.

Maybe you have a certain section of the Bible that you'd like to learn about, or perhaps you just want a way to add Bible study to your daily or weekly life. Regardless, set your intention as you go into it.

What forms of denomination and theology should you be aware of?

There are several different versions of the Bible available for different languages, interpretations, and areas of focus. Many people prefer the King James Version, while others like the Amplified Version or New International Version (NIV). Think about the area of faith you practice and how that also comes into play. The major branches of the Christian faith include Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and Protestant. Further, consider the different forms of theology that people adhere to, including practical theology, biblical theology, and systematic theology. The Bible took several years to write and translate, and people all over the world have different beliefs from the same text. Study it deeply as you figure out what makes the most sense to you.

So how can you get the best from your Bible study? It's all about setting some time aside to study with regularity. Pray before reading sessions and keep up with the new bits of insight or information you receive. From there, this can be an exciting journey that helps you in so many aspects of your life.

If you want to start studying the Bible, check out resources like the International School of the Word to learn more.


30 July 2021

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