What To Know About Engaging In Bible Study

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Learning as much as you can about the faith that you choose to practice is part of life that can make a huge difference. Your faith will stand as a pillar and foundation in your life that you can build on. Whether you need insight into taking leaps of faith on new business endeavors, tips to help you with marriage and parenting, or just need a good word of encouragement, the Bible is filled with all sorts of anecdotes and pearls of wisdom that can be helpful.

30 July 2021

Why Must People Suffer? A Christian Perspective

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Wouldn't it be nice if life were easier? People are sometimes asked to go through such hard things. What is it all for? Most Christian denominations believe that going through hard things and suffering has a purpose in this life. Otherwise, why would God let His children struggle? In an effort to help you through a challenging time, read on to gain some perspective about why people struggle in life. 

27 May 2021

3 Good Reasons Churches Should Continue Virtual Worship Services

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, Christian church virtual worship became a necessity for those who could not attend church in person but who still wanted to hear a sermon, sing hymns, and gather with others. As things slowly open back up again, many Christians can start attending church as they once used to. Even though church is getting back to normal, however, many churchgoers are still hoping their church provides a virtual worship option.

15 March 2021